Elementary/Middle School Grades 2nd to 8th – Tuesdays/Thursdays


Welcome to our 2-Day Program for Elementary/Middle School Grades 2nd to 8th on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00AM – 2:00PM. Groups are split by grade levels during class sessions. Our Learning Pods offer a passion-based learning approach in a flexible and safe environment, small group sessions and 1:1 support, focusing on a holistic development.

How to Register:

  1. Choose your program registration fee and first month tuition
  2. Proceed to check out. Please enter the learners’ full names and grades in the “NOTES” box during check-out.
  3. If you are a scholarship recipient, please enter code “EMA-PEP” or “EMA-UA”, depending on the type of scholarship your child has been awarded. (Funds must be reserved withing 24 hours after processing this check-out)
  4. After checking out, you will be redirected to our registration form provided by our school management software ProCare. If for any reason the site is not redirected to ProCare, the registration link will be in the “Order Email Confirmation” sent during check-out. Please complete and submit the forms at your earliest convenience.


How to Reserve EMA Funds:

  1. Sign in to your EMA account
  2. Go to the Marketplace and search for “PLAY K-12”
  3. Choose the location
  4. Pick your services and add then to the cart
  5. Proceed to check out and let us know as soon as you have reserved your fund.

Have questions? Please email us at hello@playschoolacademy.com or call at 786-368-8979

Additional information


2-Day Program Registration Fee $500 (Grades 2-4), 2-Day Program Registration Fee $500 (Grades 5-8), 2-Day Program Monthly Tuition $580

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