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DISCOVER PLAY: Passion Learning Approach Year-round

At our year-round education and wellness center, we embrace children of all ages, from infants to teens, as well as their parents. We focus on passion-driven learning that’s tailored to each individual’s interests and strengths, nurturing their unique talents in an inclusive, supportive environment. Our goal is to empower children’s individuality and cultural diversity. Our experienced educators work to create a safe space where students of various backgrounds can learn and grow together, using hands-on, interdisciplinary methods that encourage innovative learning and lifelong curiosity.

Parents, join us at PLAY and be part of a community that lights the path to your child’s thriving future!

Learning Pods

2024-2025 School Year Admission is Now Open! We provide a flexible learning environment and focus on holistic development.

Homeschool Cruise

Sailing October 2024! Join us at our inaugural Homeschool at Sea! on board of the RCL Independence of the Seas. Booking and Registration are now open.

Tutoring Services

We offer 1:1 Tutoring focused on bridging the gap on all core academic subjects and Test Prep SAT, ATC, GRE, GMAT with a certified teacher.


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