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At PLAY K-12 we are formed with the total child in mind, prioritizing the entire family well-being. We offer a passion-driven education model, differing from what we know as traditional to an unconventional approach providing a unique, creative and flexible learning experience with no pressure for standardized tests.


We create personalized education by customizing educational plans based on the child’s academic levels, and with an implementation process based on their learning style. We promote self-development programs for personal growth and mindfulness, and skills-based enrichment programs using our community as part of our biggest classroom, collaborating with other entrepreneurs and professionals in the area that support our vision.

Together we are able to serve our community by offering bilingual K-12 education options, homeschool support, tutoring, enrichment programs, family wellness and more all in one place!

Our philosophy revolves around fostering a dynamic and enriching learning environment where passion, purpose, and personal growth are at the forefront. We believe that by embracing these principles, we can empower students to thrive academically, personally, and professionally, preparing them to lead fulfilling lives and make meaningful contributions to the world around them.

We count on a range of qualified educators, guides, and instructors that understand our learners’ needs using a gentle teaching approach with compassionate and conscious discipline applying a mix of learning models from Maria Montessori, Reggio and Emilia, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, and others.


Our mission is to reach families that are seeking for a place where their learners feel welcome, included, safe, equal, and a sense of belonging. Families in need of language preservation support, throughout our bilingual programs. We’re open to everyone feeling their children are not thriving in a traditional setting no matter their condition or labels. In our space we are all equally capable to succeed in our own peace, in a way all of us can easily understand the process with no judgment and fear of failure.

Our goal is to provide a Passion Learning Approach Year-round (PLAY) solutioning education differently for a better future, engaging and nurturing curiosity and an independent love for learning.


We are thrilled to announce a significant and empowering collaboration between PLAY School and Popcorn Academy! 

With a shared vision and a commitment to excellence, we have merged our efforts to bring a transformative educational experience that celebrates diversity, language, and culture. 

By offering bilingual programs, we are equipping our kids from the future with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly diverse and interconnected society. We proudly Celebrate Our Hispanic Roots! The fact that both of us hail from the same town, Maracay in Venezuela, adds a unique and personal touch to your endeavor. Through this merger, we aim to celebrate our Hispanic roots and honor our unique cultural identity.

We take great pride in promoting the richness of our heritage while providing a platform for embracing linguistic and cultural diversity. Our project plays a vital role in preserving cultural heritage and creating bridges between different communities. It’s heartwarming to see your gratitude for the trust and belief that people have placed in us. 

Our journey showcases the power of collaboration, determination, and a passion for education. As we move forward, our dedication to providing families with opportunities to embrace languages and cultures will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the community.

Mrs. Andrea and Mrs. Gaby Founders of PLAY School and Popcorn Acadamy

As we continue on this journey, remember that education and cultural preservation are powerful tools for creating a positive impact. By providing bilingual programs and promoting cultural awareness, we’re contributing to the growth and unity of our community. We are excited for the merged efforts, and may our project continue to flourish and inspire others!

” Bilingualism is my SuperPower”
“Ser Bilingue Es Mi Super Poder”
Mrs. Gaby


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