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What does “Patuque” means?
PATUQUE is a Venezuelan word used as a technique to promote early stimulation of a child’s senses through their first encounter with food. This technique gives children the confidence and freedom to engage in taste-safe messy sensory play, activating their sensory receptors and stimulating their social, motor and cognitive areas of development.
Due to the successful outcomes of this technique, “Patuque Time” was created and brought to the United States.
What is “Patuque Time” All About?
Patuque Time is a sensory messy play program for both children 9 months to 4 years old and their caregiver, now it is also offer to other group ages 5+. Children will use their five senses to explore all of the different elements of taste-safe materials such as texture, colors, smells, and tastes. Through their exposure with various food and taste-safe materials, children will engage in new sensory experiences in a fun and safe environment. Children will get messy from head to toe allowing them the opportunity to learn and explore alongside their caregiver.
What Materials Are Used?
Patuques can be made out of anything and everything you can imagine both edible and non-edible items. Materials can include items such as bananas, oatmeal, pudding, mud, shaving cream, paint, etc. The materials used in each class will be geared toward each age group to ensure age-appropriate fun and safety. Specifically, for babies and toddlers, only edible materials are used to secure the safety of the children and allow hands on and exploration of all items with their mouths.
Who Can Benefit From Patuque Time?
The answer is any child can benefit from Patuque Time! This technique has been applied to all children. It has been utilized with neurodiverse children in many therapy centers. Children with sensory disorders and other unique abilities can receive great benefit from participating in this technique. It is also a great technique for picky eaters as they will be able to experience many foods on their own will.
What Else Do You Need To Know?
It’s important to know that Patuque is an activity that won’t be used during table time at home. This class does not seek to encourage children to relate eating or mealtime at home with playing. Also, it is important to mention that the less pressure we put on the child to approach the materials, the more pleasant the activity will be. We encourage each child to have the free will to choose when and how they want to explore the materials.
So, why make all the mess at home when you can bring your child to “Patuque Time”!
What to bring?
A lot of wipes, a towel, and just in case a change of clothes for you and child!
  • It’s ideal and recommended that children participate in diapers or bathing suit.
  • Caregiver should dress comfortably in an outfit you can get dirty and stain.
  • All materials are taste-safe, non-toxic, and organic as much as possible.
  • Precautions are taken with each lesson plan for any type of food allergies.
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