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Engaging Learning for ALL…

At P.L.A.Y. School Academy K-12 we started with the simple idea of supporting and collaborating with our local small businesses, other professional entrepreneurs and EDUpreneurs, to create personalized education, skills-based, and self-development programs.

Our goal is to be able to bring to our community of homeschoolers, after-schoolers, and grown-ups activities to enrich them, as well as encourage them to try or learn new skills with passion.

Our classes bring the best from us to you to help develop our children’s skills; and why not, parents’ and caregivers’ skills too!

We use a playful and gentle approach, Montessori, Reggio and Emilia, Waldorf, and Charlotte Mason’s philosophies to facilitate curiosity and love for learning. Classes are hands-on and designed to meet all learners’ styles of all ages from babies to grown-ups. We hope you enjoy all we offer and share the experience with others.

This is us and how we homeschool! A new Alternative K-12 Education, Enrichment programs and family wellness center for our community. We focus on a structured environment, strong core academics given on 1:1 or small group instruction, a lot of enrichments, and building a variety of skills, working with the child from the inner out. We offer classes and programs like Math and ELA, Self-Development and Personal Growth, Financial Literacy, Art, Music, Drama and Musical Theatre, Dance and Gymnastics, Cooking, and Baking, etc… To learn more, go to our “Homeschool K-12” section or “Programs” tab.

P.L.A.Y. School Academy K-12 was created to support our community by collaborating with our local small businesses and EDUpreneurs to create enrichment classes and programs to help develop our children’s skills; and why not, parents’ skills too!

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