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Homeschooling 101 Workshop

Welcome to the wonderful world of alternative education supporting families doing the transition from traditional school to innovating learning. Being a homeschooling parent myself, I know how many fears and worries can be associated with making such a big decision. I also know how much information you can be inundated with when you are trying to crossover to homeschooling and other programs. This workshop will help you sort through the information needed to successfully start your homeschool and alternative education journey in Florida. 

Our learning objectives for this whole course are:

  1. What is Homeschooling?
  2. Homeschooling after the Pandemic.
  3. Traditional Pre-Pandemic – Non-Traditional Post-Pandemic
  4. Micro-schools, Learning Pods, Co-ops
  5. Why to get started?
  6. How to get started?
  7. Rules and Laws 
  8. Curriculum and Planning
  9. Portfolio and Evaluations
  10. Options and Support
  We invite you to our new boutique co-learning studio in Margate, FL to learn more about homeschooling and our co-op learning pod!  


Jul 25 2023


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


P.L.A.Y School Academy K-12
P.L.A.Y School Academy K-12
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